FIGHT TRAININGEvery week Lanta Muay Thai has fighters competing in professional Muay Thai fights. We have produced multiple world Muay Thai champions and regularly send fighters to fight at the premier Muay Thai stadiums in Koh Lanta, Kabri. Our head trainers have experience training some of the best fighters in the sport including Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium champions.

Whether you are a world champion or training for your first ever fight, Lanta Muay Thai trainers can arrange an appropriate match up for you and prepare you fully for the fight. We are well accustomed to training guests to compete their first professional Muay Thai fight at a Phuket stadium while here. Many go on to compete many times more, both in Thailand and back in their home countries.

Muay Thai competition is not for the feint of heart. It is a full contact sport and when training for a fight you will be pushed hard by your trainer to make sure you are prepared. You will be expected to give your best in training and in the fight, as you will be representing the gym and your trainer. In return your trainer will take care of all aspects of fight preparation from training and fight strategy to wrapping your hands and massaging you before the fight.


    "Lanta gym is my first choice of Thai boxing gyms in Thailand . The cost of training is reasonable and the quality of training is amazing as you train with active fighters. I like the fact that you get to train with different trainers on an individual basis daily, its great for learning all the little tricks just don't ask them to pick a playlist of songs! The other bonus is chilling on a beach relaxing after a hard days boxing."

    I've already started Saving for my next trip!!
    Alex Mcquillian