If you’re planning to train Muay Thai in Thailand over the long-term, you’re probably concerned about how to remain in Thailand legally without the hassle of time consuming and expensive Visa runs.
    Here in Lanta Muaythai Academy, we are able to provide our students with 6 month to 1 year ED-Visa!

    We are accredited by the Government of Thailand’s Ministry of Education. If you want to stay and train you don’t have to look for workaround solutions to extend your stay in Thailand, such as visa-runs or applying for various types of visas. By enrolling one of our classes and applying for a ED-Visa through us you will be permitted to remain in Thailand for 6 month to an entire year exclusively for the sole purpose of training in Muay Thai.

    It will allow you to focus more time on your Muay Thai training and not on your next visa. In addition, during your long term stay here, your progress as a fighter will be graded in accordance with the Muay Thai International Association and the Thailand Government’s official rules and regulation on Muay Thai.

    You will be a full-fledged student of Muay Thai. You can live, breathe, study and train Muay Thai in Thailand legally with no concern whatsoever, except to focus on your training. Let us take care of the rest!
    Save time and money and put your mind at ease by enrolling at Lanta Muay Thai Academy and applying for your Muay Thai visa through us.

To get the possibility to have ED-Visa you must apply to one of this course:

    Fundamental Muay Thai “Professional Course”
    Muay Thai for Instructor “Qualified Instructor”
    – Muay Thai for Instructor “Senior Instructor”

Below, you will find the list of paper needed to obtain ED-Visa:

Passport or travel document with validity of not less than 6 months. If you require a one year visa, the validity of your passport must not be less than 18 months (damaged, invalid or altered passports will not be accepted).
A photocopy of the information page (the one with your photo) of your passport, signed.
Visa application form completely filled out with applicant’s signature.
4 passport-sized photograph of the applicant, taken within the past 6 months.
– Transcript / letter of acceptance from the concerned schools/universities or institute.