looseAre you tired of feeling weighted down and without strength every day? Do you want to lose that extra weight? Is every move you make difficult? Are you tired to climb stairs? Do you want to see a different person in the mirror the morning? Do you want to regain the esteem in yourself and get power and extra boost?

    If all your answers are YES, then it’s time for a change. Here in Lanta Muay Thai Academy we can help you and give you this opportunity!

All our team will be more than happy to help you to get the results you want!

    Our goal is to help everyone to lose weight with the support of a professional team attentive to individual’s needs but also making everyone feeling like family.

    Our program provides a perfect mix between training, healthy nutrition and rest. A period of 2 weeks is more than enough to start seeing results.

    Here you will be involved in different interesting activities (Muay Thai, MMA, fitness, Cross fit, Water fitness, Yoga) and you will learn techniques that can help you in the future to help and protect you and your family in the same time that you will lose thousands of calories.

    Thanks to the weather of the area it will be much easier for you to remove all the toxins of your body accumulated in the last years.

    As we are training fighters and beginners together, you will be more motivated and encouraged to always give more and learn fast new techniques that will be proposed. No matter your level, you will be treated by the coaches and other student as a champion, you will be given support, moral, at any time of the day and we are ready to make up for all your needs. No matter you are a vegetarian or intolerant to some food, whether you’re a man or a woman, you have to lose 5kg or 50kg, our staff will be always at your service to make your transition period as comfortable as possible.

    Muay Thai is the Thai national sport and a great way to stay in shape as basic cardio activity. There are two training sessions per day (morning and afternoon) during which Thai champions will teach you the techniques and will push you to your limit. Our coaches have the ability to prepare each person differently according to its technical and physical requirements.

      Functional Training is a training system designed on your person for the development of your athletic potential, giving the best way to take to reach your goals.

    You will be photograph at the beginning, during and at the end of your stay at the Academy for you can realize the changes that will happen during the training.

    Every meal at the Academy is designed according to the person, the type of training that follows and the objectives that we prefixed. All our meals are designed to provide you with the best nutritional intake and the right level to support the training and at the same time lose weight. During the 3 daily meals you will be served fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish of excellent quality.