The beginners Muay Thai program is designed to cater for guests who have little to no training experience in Muay Thai.   

For complete Beginners we offer private sessions where the trainer will dedicate a full 90 minutes to assisting you with warm-ups then demonstration and practicing Muay Thai techniques. This is available throughout the training times with no need to book in advance.

Each session consists of:
• A 30 minute warm up/stretching routine
• 20 minutes of basic Muay Thai shadow boxing
• Technique work, focusing on a different element of Muay Thai each session.
• 3 rounds of pad works with a trainer
• 3 rounds working on the heavy bags
• 100 alternating front kicks on the heavy bags
• 200 jump knees on the bag
• 100 alternating elbows on the bag
• Marching knees
• 300 sit ups and 100 push ups
• Cool down/stretching